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Retro History Prints

What is Retro History Prints?

Retro History Prints, owned by Eon Images, is a collection of thousands of 8x10 color and black-and-white prints that were previously owned by an educational publishing company. The photographic reprints of photos and illustrations were originally obtained as high-quality reprints from the Library of Congress, National Archives, and many other archives to be digitized and used in textbooks, research databases, and other products. The collection includes portraits and general scenes, covering a wide array of American and world history, politics, and culture.

All prints were stored individually in plastic sleeves and are generally in very good or excellent condition unless noted on an individual listing. Pay attention to the photos; many were originally from press archives and may show crop marks or file numbers in margins.


The collection is being made available for sale via Bonanza and eBay. Both sites use the same secure PayPal method we use here on Eon Images. Prints are typically between $8-10 with free shipping in the Unites States only via USPS First Class Parcel post in a rigid mailer.

Shop: Retro History Prints on Bonanza  or   featured prints on Ebay

You may purchase from either site, but you will find many more items listed on the Bonanza site. Most of the collection is still being processed, but new items are added regularly. If you have any special interests, let us know and we can prioritize adding prints on those topics.

How is it different than Eon Images?

Eon Images researches and sources digital versions of images that are in the public domain, extensively keywording, making copyright assessments, and doing basic image cleaup on the files. The prints sold by Retro History Prints are essentially flea market finds - you are purchasing an 8x10 photo, as -is, that was previously owned. Many are suitable for framing, scanning, or repurposing for educational or creative projects. When you buy a print, it is up to you to decide if your use is lawful or wise! When available, we have included original source or credit information in the listings to assist you.

I see prints of photos that I can't find as digital images on Eon. Is there a way to get a digital image instead of the print?

Maybe! If we deem a print to have suitable information indicating the item is in the public domain, we can provide it to you as a high-resolution scan. We will only provide digital scans of items we feel confident are in the public domain. While we sell the prints for between $8-10 each, scans will be priced at $20-30 due to the additional vetting and work required.

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